Month: February 2014

Community Differences in Obamacare’s Costs

As the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare, goes from concept to reality and people enroll in plans, the differences in what people have to pay for coverage is becoming an important part of the story. Those disparities can

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Politics Counts: Health Care Premiums and the Midterm Elections

For the third consecutive election cycle, the health-care law figures to play a major role in this fall’s elections. The difference this year: The Affordable Care Act is a reality, with people enrolling in health insurance plans and paying premiums.

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What’s Behind the Declining American Mobility Rate?

As this site often notes, the United States is changing in a variety of ways – racially, culturally and economically. This week New York Times columnist David Brooks noted the decline in mobility among Americans as yet another indicator and

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