Month: October 2014

Should ‘Prairie Populism’ Have GOP Worried in 2014 and Beyond?

Surging third-party candidates and signs of growing “prairie populism” have shaken up Senate races in Kansas and South Dakota and could create problems for Republicans in the midterm elections and beyond. In both states third-party candidates have risen in the

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The Map and The Mojo: Advantage GOP

As November nears and the midterm campaigning grows more intense, Republicans hold two advantages in their Senate push – the map and enthusiasm in crucial communities. The Republicans need a net gain of six seats to recapture the Senate and

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The Thriving 5’s And Rural America – An Uneven Recovery

By most measures, the U.S. economy has come a long way since the depths of the recession in 2010 – GDP is way up, unemployment is way down. But at the local level the story is much more uneven with

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