Month: April 2018

How New Tax Law May Deepen America’s Political and Geographic Divides

This federal tax season marks the last one with a full dose of SALT – state and local taxes. Next year the new Republican tax plan will place a $10,000 cap on the deduction households can take on their property

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Concerns About Online Privacy Are Top of Mind Across America

By Ari Pinkus As data breaches roil the tech landscape and moves to boycott Facebook, Apple, and Google increase, Americans across the country see the lack of privacy online significantly impacting them and those they know. It appears to be

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Across Communities, a Link Between Encouraging Relationships and Healthy Choices

By Elizabeth Sherwood Healthy eating and regular exercise are considered key in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. To that end, companies must prominently list ingredients and nutrition facts, employers subsidize gym costs, and mobile apps help track movement and eating habits.

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