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New Poll Shows Trump-Driven Divisions in Electorate

In diverse, rural counties in North and South Carolina, people are strongly supportive of President Donald Trump. In a dense Urban Suburb around Denver, they are not. There’s less certainty about the president’s performance in Rural Middle America counties in

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For Trump, It’s All About The Middle Suburbs

The ultimate political success or failure of Donald Trump’s presidency is going to be directly tied to the way 77 counties across the country view him and his administration. Those counties, labeled Middle Suburbs in the American Communities Project, are

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How Trump Became President

As President-elect Donald Trump prepares to take office, it’s a good a time to have one last look at how he got here. The election results have been trickling in and are now close to final. Viewed through the prism

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What Happened Election Night? Three Things.

As America’s pollsters and data mavens sift through the wreckage of the 2016 campaign, there is one question on everyone’s lips: what happened? The results are not all in yet, but looking at the data through the American Communities Project

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Urban Suburbs At Root Of Clinton’s Edge Down The Stretch

If Hillary Clinton is going to win the White House, and most polls currently show her with a lead, she will likely do it on the backs of the nation’s densely populated Urban Suburb counties. A merge of Wall Street

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Calculating The Impacts Of Trump’s Stretch-Run Travel

As the 2016 campaign winds down, Donald Trump’s travel schedule is becoming a double-edged sword for the GOP in down-ballot races. Consider this past Friday, October 21, and the impacts on Pennsylvania Republican Sen. Pat Toomey. On that day Trump

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2016 Is All About The Exurbs – And Trump’s Problems There

When the history of the 2016 presidential campaign is written, a large chapter will likely be devoted to Donald Trump’s struggles in the counties the American Communities Project calls the Exurbs. In the end, what happens in those well-educated, Republican-leaning

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Out In America: Two Conventions, Few Viewers

The Republican and Democratic conventions are over, but their actual impact likely won’t be known for several days or weeks. Because despite all the hours spent broadcasting the events, the post-game analysis will likely prove to be their most critical

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On The Road For The Conventions

While the politicians and the media gather at the conventions in Cleveland and Philadelphia in the next few weeks, American Communities Project Director Dante Chinni will be traveling through Ohio and Pennsylvania watching those events with voters. The goal is

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May Poll Shows Work To Do For Clinton and Trump

Viewed through the American Communities Project county-level breakdown, Hillary Clinton looks good in the Big Cities and very good in the Urban Suburbs in the May NBC/WSJ poll. Donald Trump looks good in the suburban Sprawl and Rural America counties.

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